“I’ve had so many moments of support and warmth from the neighborhood.”

I first learned about Nubi from Mary, and at the time I thought, “That sounds good for Mary, but it’s not for me.” Then the thought crept into my mind, “Why not investigate further?” I came to recognize the value of sharing my life with others and bringing my horses to be part of the community.

As the first resident to move into the neighborhood in December 2007, I have wonderful memories of sharing dinners with neighbors as other homes were completed and more residents began to move in. I live here with my dogs, Danke and Sadie. My horses, Squirt and Magic, live in the Nubi barn. My adult children, Becky and Chris, live in Vermont and Texas.

I’ve lived in Peterborough for 40 years, and at one time considered moving to a warmer location, but decided that my friendships were the most important part of my life. A former psychiatric nurse and teacher, I love to ride horses, play tennis, read, play Scrabble, babysit, and cook. On a trip to Africa, I was mesmerized watching elephants interacting and supporting each other; the memory is an inspiration to me about caring for each other in a community.

One of my life’s passions is to leave the world a better place, and one vehicle for fulfilling this passion is my work on non-profit boards. I’ve chaired three boards and served on the board of the Endowment for Health for 11 years. I was proud to be awarded the Gov. Walter Peterson Medal by the town of Peterborough in recognition of outstanding citizenship.