Sage, Richard, Elsbeth, Catherine


“We love the variety of seasons, and look forward to summer. It is so GREEN here, and we’re amazed by what we’ve accomplished on the farm---producing so much food.”

Our family includes Sage, Richard, Elsbeth, and Catherine, as well as our rabbit, Flopsy, cat, Rocky, and guinea pig, Taco. Flopsy lives outside in a burrow she dug, the rest of us live in our home. Sage is a life coach and yoga teacher; Richard is a geologist, working as an environmental and groundwater consultant to towns and property owners. We are also co-founders of the neighborhood; we helped design and build it, and are still involved in selling the remaining homes that are available.

Years back, we began to have conversations with friends about families coming together to share resources on a large piece of land. At the time, we lived in Peterborough, loved the town and region, and had read about cohousing. Then another couple approached us about buying this land and building a cohousing community. Since that moment, we’ve had a nearly vertical learning curve.

While we led the design and building of the neighborhood, it is entirely community-run at this point. Now, it is gratifying to sit at a community meal, where there are multiple conversations going on ranging from serious to humorous, laughter, kids eating and playing---the great energy of people engaged in community.

We love spending time together as a family. We love to be active and outside--cross-country skiing, biking, skating, and hiking. We love reading and visiting friends. Elsbeth and Catherine ride and care for horses. Both girls have many favorite places around the neighborhood, the garden, pine woods, the barn, the ravine, which Catherine likes to slide down in her snow pants. As she puts it, “I love how much open land there is here, how much space. I can go anywhere in the woods.”