Ruth, Bridges, Lee, Clara


“I’ve had moments of feeling that I’m part of a community throughout my life, but here I feel it all the time.”

For years, we lived in and around Boston, looking for a balance between community and green space.  We imagined a village with lots of open space around it, but didn’t know where that existed. One day, Ruth received an e-mail about Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm and she asked Bridges, “What do you think of this?” We visited the next weekend and moved in a few months later.  We knew for sure that we had made the right decision one beautiful day during our first summer here.  A group of kids gathered on the common to play freeze tag.  Adults came along to watch and talk under the porch.  It was spontaneous fun… the sort of thing that never happened in the Boston suburbs where we used to live.

“We were struck when we first moved here by the sounds that floated in our windows - adults’ talking and kids’ playing; and also the sounds that didn’t - leaf blowers and traffic.”

We have two young daughters, Lee and Clara, who are simply thriving here. The combination of safe space to roam and children to play with allows for an idyllic childhood.  “My favorite place is the kid’s climbing tree,” says Lee.  “I love to climb and swing in it and drop into leaf piles.” Clara will often jump up and run to the door in the morning to call out a cheerful hello to a passing neighbor.  They are very active---in the winter they skate on the pond and in the summer they swim in it, and they enthusiastically embrace nearby activities from art classes to children’s chorus to events at the science center.

We seem to have more time here, in part because Bridges telecommutes from home and Ruth homeschools the girls, but also because life seems simpler with so much to do just out our front door.  We love being outdoors whether it’s hiking or biking in the beautiful Monadnock region, working on the farm, or hanging out on our patio and talking to neighbors as they walk past.  We enjoy participating in local activities such as playing in the Peterborough tennis club and singing in local groups.