Peter & Patricia


“From the first day we came to visit, we noticed that the people are casual, relaxed, gentle, peaceful, and caring. They live well here.”

We consider ourselves the luckiest neighbors because our home’s large open living room windows have an exquisite view of the farm.  We watch the chickens, the pigs, the tractor, neighbors working in the field, the seeds growing. It is so entertaining, we call it Farm TV. We live here with Maisy, our small, white, fluffy farm dog.

Peter spent his career in software development. Patricia was a Physician Assistant for 32 years. We lived in the suburbs for 30 years, absorbed in our work and children. Then we had a sudden jolt in our career lives and had to make a decision to downsize. We wanted to make a thoughtful, long-term move. Patricia wanted a green home, made with sustainable materials. We had a free weekend, visited the neighborhood, and fell in love with it.  We’re pretty spontaneous people who do things on instinct. We haven’t regretted our move for one day.

Quite early on after moving in, Patricia had a serious diagnosis and follow up surgery. The day before she was scheduled to return home, we talked about whether she would be able to walk into the community or whether Peter would need to drive her to the house. On the way to get her, Peter realized there was really only one answer — for Patricia to walk home. He prepped her on the drive home. As she began her walk from the car into the pedestrian part of the neighborhood, she looked down and saw that for the entire way to the steps of our home, neighborhood kids had made chalk drawings to welcome her. The drawings included stars, hearts, rainbows, and the words “you’re almost home.” Patricia cried all the way to the house — she was so moved by their support and caring.

Peter is active in community teams, served as president of Nubi's Steering Team. Patricia is discovering the things that she had dreamed of doing before, like reading and building connections with other women in the neighborhood that she couldn’t pursue with a demanding career and a family. We both believe that living in the neighborhood is good for personal growth. You have to learn skills to be honest about what you feel, and what you need and want. You can’t just avoid people, you have to learn to get along.