“You’re not alone here, yet I can sit at my back window and be alone whenever I choose.”

One of my favorite places at Nubi is up on the horse pasture with the mountains in the background. I am a landscape painter and have painted this view several times. Though I’m retired now, I’ve been a public school music teacher, a cruising sailor in the Mediterranean, and with my late husband, had B&Bs in Greece and France.

I live by myself at Nubi, but my immediate family is one of the reasons I’ve chosen to be in NH. My daughter and son live fairly near, along with four grandchildren and a great-grandson. My daughter first sent me the link to the Nubi website. Though there were no buildings on the site at the time, I fell in love with the land, having lived on a farm in France.

When I first moved in, much of the emphasis at Nubi was on the construction and the physical aspects of the neighborhood. Ultimately, Nubi is really about the community. We've attracted an interesting group of people, diverse in some ways and yet like-minded in many others. People at Nubi accept me as I am. I love that when I mention I’m planning to attend a concert after dinner, others often come along.

I especially value the intergenerational character of the neighborhood. I like being near the playground, and hearing and seeing children.

Peterborough is an exceptional community and probably in many more ways than I know. I sing in the Monadnock Chorus, and I take advantage of First Fridays, Monadnock Music, the MacDowell Colony, The Mariposa Museum and the Peterborough Players.