Johanna, Noel, Lila, Xan


“It's beautiful in all four seasons. We’re away from the rat race. People are very interesting---thoughtful about how they live and what they do.”

Our family consists of Johanna and Noel and our two children, Lila and Xan. We also live with 15 tropical fish and 60,000 honeybees (more or less) in hives in our backyard. Noel is an editor who works out of a home office for WestEd, a national nonprofit focused on improving education and related fields. Johanna is a full-time mother who also has worked in education (teacher, editor, nonprofit manager) for most of her career prior to having children.

The confluence of many interests — including sustainability, farming, freedom for kids, proximity to family, beautiful setting, and high-quality green homes — brought us to Nubi. We love hiking, playing outdoors, beekeeping, birding, reading good books, and many other things. We think Peterborough is terrific, especially the Peterborough Players, beautiful lakes and forests, and great birding. The town excels at letting kids be kids, with recreational facilities, camps, clubs, Children in the Arts parade, etc.

Where we lived previously, we talked about adding solar panels to our roof, but we never quite managed to do it. Here, working with a group of neighbors who also wanted to get solar panels gave us the push and the support to actually make it happen. Where we lived previously, we were interested in trying to keep chickens, but it always seemed too daunting. Here we help take care of chickens (and enjoy the fresh eggs!); we've helped raise pigs two different summers (the most delicious meat we've ever eaten!), and we've taken up beekeeping, been part of tapping trees and making maple syrup, and more. It helps tremendously to take on these things in the midst of others who have similar interests and can share expertise, spread costs, fill in for us when we go on vacation, and generally provide a supportive community.

We especially love when all the neighborhood kids are in the climbing tree. And also attending the annual Nubi house concert, listening to great music and watching all the kids gain expertise and confidence over the years.