Ed & Suzy


“We were drawn to the idea of an integrated farm, forests, and a community of people committed to green living and building a caring community.”

We spend half the year living on the coast of Oregon, and the other half at Nubi, closer to Suzy’s east coast daughters. When we were making our plans, we talked about how it is more difficult to find community in today’s society than it used to be. On our visits, we were attracted not just by Nubi, but the Unitarian Universalist Church and the town of Peterborough. Identified as one of the 10 coolest towns in an article we read in Frommer’s Budget Travel, Peterborough is not too far from Boston and offers a variety of arts & crafts, a terrific recreation department, and outdoor organizations like the Harris Center.

For us, being at Nubi is an opportunity for learning. The direction of the community is determined by many people and that challenge creates an interesting environment, which is conducive to personal growth. Another part of the attraction for us is the mix of the generations. People look out for each other and are willing to help out in the times of need, like when Suzy broke her ankle last winter. Suzy’s grandchildren love coming here. We both have especially fond memories of caring for dairy cows at Nubi in our second year. Milking cows with neighbors in zero degree weather was challenging and fun and a source of great pride.

A retired elementary school teacher, Suzy takes care of her grandchildren in the Boston area two days a week. She volunteers as an Adaptive Ski Instructor at Crotched Mountain Ski & Ride in nearby Bennington and works part-time as a substitute teacher in the local school district. She also works as a family organizational consultant. Ed is currently a self-employed consultant, having retired from the Veterans Administration in 2008 as a clinical psychologist. He continues to be active in research projects and mentoring young investigators. He teaches nationally for the VA in the area of mental health care delivery in primary care.

In addition to our work lives, we have many interests and hobbies. Ed enjoys working with his hands as an amateur carpenter, plumber, electrician, and boat builder. Outside, he likes to build trails, hike, and snowshoe, and inside, read and play games. Suzy loves to swim, hike, snowshoe, and ski. She dances at least twice a week in Peterborough, which offers great dancing opportunities, like zumba and contra dancing. We both enjoy travelling, and Suzy has travelled all over the world, including 5 of the 7 continents.