“Sustainability is the reason I moved to Nubi. I believe the best chance our society has to make the changes it needs is through community.”

I live with my 4-year-old dog, Jasmine,  a mutt who looks like a terrier and sounds like a hound dog. I’m a teacher/naturalist at the Harris Center for Conservation/Education, where I’ve worked for 6 years. I work with teachers in area schools to plan units that meet their learning standards using the natural world as the classroom. For example, I’m studying the life cycle of logs with students in Jaffrey now and soon will be studying a nearby vernal pool with students in Rindge.

In my free time, I love hiking in the woods, birding, snowshoeing, paddling a kayak, throwing pottery, teaching kids to throw pottery, and reading of all kinds, including novels, natural history, and history. My favorite places at Nubi are the pond and alder grove outside my window, the area where the power lines meet the river and hayfield because the birds gather there, and the panoramic view of the river from the high point on the White Dot trail.

An important part of my life is my Buddhist practice, which I’ve been nurturing for 20 years. I’m very grateful for the changes to my life that my practice has fostered.

I’ve known about co-housing for a long time through communities around Asheville, North Carolina, where I lived before moving to the Monadnock area. I learned about Nubi when I had recently graduated from Antioch. Nubi was so close to where I was living,  I felt like I had to try it.  My friends think Nubi is great for me and many wish that they could live here.