“One of the best things about living at Nubi is the high-quality construction of the buildings which are warm in winter and cool in summer, less heat and no air conditioning.”

It is a great pleasure to look at the beautiful landscape and farm from the warmth of my home.

Some of my life’s accomplishments include immigrating to the United States, a challenging endeavor, and raising my two daughters.

I am a photographer, with a special interest in art, portraiture, and architectural photography.

I first learned about Nubi as an architectural photographer for Sheldon Pennoyer, one of the  architects who designed the neighborhood. While following the development of the project, my interest turned from observer to buyer. 

Now my ailing mother needs help, so she too lives in my house and is supported by a kind community.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know the varied and interesting neighbors at Nubi. I’ve also been surprised to find so many talented artists, theater, bookstores and music in Peterborough and the wider Monadnock region. The cultural life is comparable to what I experienced in Boston and New York City with much more friendly access.