“I enjoy the feeling of camaraderie during our work days. It helps to make the work easy.”

I have a passion for arts of all kinds. I draw, paint, and write. I like going to museums and concerts, and attending events in downtown Peterborough. Arts programs are put on by the Mariposa Museum and the MacDowell Colony fellows on the “First Friday” of each month. I am studying piano with a teacher who gives lessons in our Common House every Monday. I  like hiking, and participate in the Outing group at Nubi. I love to travel and recently had a house exchange with a couple from Provence in the south of France.

I live by myself in a beautiful apartment with a cathedral ceiling. Before moving to Nubi, I was an empty nester and ready for a change. I have always wanted to live in an intentional community. Being in the countryside where I can hear the Nubanusit River outside my window and smell the natural world refreshes me. Paradoxically, I also love Boston and am glad it is not far away. Watching the children on the climbing structure near my balcony makes me happy.

Healing of body, mind and spirit intrigues me. For many years, I practiced as an RN. Towards the end of my nursing career, I studied massage therapy, Reiki, and the Trager Approach. I do Reiki for clients through the local hospice program. I strive for health through cooking of local and organic foods. I believe that food is best used not only as nourishment, but as medicine. I particularly enjoy the celebrations and festivities we have at Nubi.