Bonnie, Bruce, Molly


“At Nubi, we have a community to be a part of, a farm to grow our food, and a way to live as sustainably as possible. We are able to bring our lives into alignment with our core values.”

Currently we live full-time in southern California where Bonnie’s job is based, and spend two weeks at Christmas and a month in the summer at Nubi. Our lives are full in California with work, school, music and raising guide-dog puppies.  We have worked to create a community and enjoy the fun interactions around our local CSA, soup swaps, potlucks, school friend get-togethers.  We have installed PV on our house and drive our electric car on sunshine.

But, for almost a decade, we had been talking about where and how we would like to live after Molly left for college. We wanted to live where we could grow our own food, not have to worry about the water supply, peak oil, overcrowding or earthquakes. We wanted to be part of a vibrant community, not living isolated lives in an urban or suburban environment or sequestering ourselves in a single-generation retirement community. So we focused on cohousing, exploring projects throughout the country.

Even before construction started, we became interested in Nubi because of the farm component, energy efficiency and location in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. As contra dancers and musicians we have long appreciated the rich cultural heritage of this region.  We kept returning to the website over the years, and finally, in the summer of 2009 while attending a nearby chamber music summer program, we made our first visit and immediately found ourselves saying, “This is it!”. We decided to buy our unit in the ‘Farm Pod’ (even though we couldn’t yet live full-time at Nubi) because it just felt like home.

We love the feeling of community at Nubi.  We love the spontaneity of interactions in everyday life -  the many opportunities to cook, eat, make music, have water fights, explore nature, work on the farm, ice skate or enjoy a cup of tea.  We value growing our own food and living lightly on the land.  We appreciate the shared values and simpler, non-consumer oriented life style so different from that found in Southern California.

While not yet able to live here year round, an unexpected benefit for Molly has been to make Nubi a true home for herself.  She has a lot of independence and plays outside with kids of varying ages - something she has not had before.  We know that when, in the future, Molly comes for a visit—perhaps eventually with a family—she’ll feel that she is coming home.

Home to Nubi.