Core Values


Our neighborhood has been formed around common values. We use our values to provide a reference point for guiding our actions and decisions. Our values also help us in the resolution of conflict. These values are written clearly to remind us of our agreements with one another. We will review and improve them as needed.



The intention of neighbors is to live together in a harmonious and mutually supportive way.

  1. We respect one another actively by working wholeheartedly for the common good.
  2. We promote generosity of spirit amongst ourselves by honoring individual differences in capacity and in finances. We care for the welfare of our neighbors.
  3. We embrace cultural, political, religious and spiritual diversity.
  4. Each neighbor shares community responsibilities and is accountable for her/his own actions.
  5. Each of us has a commitment to learn, understand and use the tools of constructive communication.
  6. We encourage all members to be honest and open with themselves and with one another and actively resolve any conflict.



We appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and we consider the welfare of the land in all our decisions.

  1. We honor and respect the land that we steward.
  2. Our farmland, our woods and our streams are permanently protected from further development.
  3. We agree to use organic methods and we support biodynamic methods in our farm, our gardens and our fields.
  4. We strive to lighten our footprint on the Earth by using sustainable building practices and highly efficient energy systems and by sharing our resources to reduce personal consumption.



We seek connection with the greater community.

  1. We consider ourselves integral members of the Monadnock community and find ways to contribute actively to its well being.
  2. We encourage the collaborative use of our resources.



We nurture and celebrate our connection to people, place, Earth and community.

We celebrate life's joys together and support each other in times of need.