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HOME       TYPE # of BRs       SIZE (SF)       SALE PRICE




16A Village Lane

Duplex 2 + attic 1718 $384,000 $380 $11,158
2A Village Lane Duplex 3 1595 $331,000 $498 $11,670
  • 16A Village Lane: 2+ BR duplex located in the farm pod, close to parking and the Common House, with private views. 1718 sq ft. For sale at $384,000.
    Contact: Deborah Anderson at 617-734-0258 or Deborah.Anderson@BMC.org; or Suzy McDonald at 206-491-7499 or smcdonaldmn@yahoo.com.
  • 2A Village Lane: 3 BR duplex overlooking the Common, with easy access to the Common House and parking. First-floor office. 1595 sq ft. For sale at $331,000.
    Contact: Richard Pendleton at 603-924-7491 or 111rmp@gmail.com.


Monthly Homeowners' Association dues—including heat*, hot water*, insurance, snow removal, internet, team activities, and funds to operate, preserve, and maintain land and buildings held in common—range from approximately $208 to $506 depending on size of home. General amenities that all NNF members enjoy include use of the Common House (including two guest rooms), a workshop, garage space, acreage (fields and forest trails), and a swimming/skating pond. For more details email or call (207) 200-6824.

*Heat and hot water are provided by our central wood pellet boiler system, which we run from approximately late September to early June. During the summer, when heat is not needed, each unit has electric hot water which members pay through their own electric bills.

High performance green buildings lower your operating costs: Because heat and hot water are provided via a superior, energy efficient system, and the buildings are constructed to the LEED nationally accepted benchmark, homeowners benefit with operating costs below today's norm.

Important: Please visit the Buying In page to read the necessary steps for joining
Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm, as well as to review the neighborhood documents and agreements.


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